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Oil mix alley
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I know it's artificially coloured but it looks natural and attractive. It's clear green, slightly on the pale side. The louche is the best thing about this absinthe. It slowly rolls and builds from the bottom and has great definition. Only problem is that it's a bit too thick and milky. From there things start going wrong. The aroma is almost pure alcohol with some star anise and dusting-polish lemon. The flavour is star anise overload. That, combined with the lemony character, makes for a flavour that reminds me of licorice candy. Wormwood is barely there. The mouth-feel is thin and harsh and the finish is long and bitter. The wormwood oil added to this stuff causes far more bitterness than wormwood flavour. This product tastes extremely similar to Pernod Liqueur d'Anis, except with a harsher alcohol bite and an unpleasant bitterness.
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