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Appearance: Although their last iteration was artificially colored, it was not entirely off-putting as a color. This new version seems to keep the same hues, but does so naturally. A bright, clear peridot.

Louche: Almost completely louched by 2:1 - 2.5:1. Well structured with a Goldilocks thickness (not too thick, not too thin). White, yellow and green highlights throughout. The promotional material states you should add 5 to 7 parts water. I think this is unnecessary. 3.5:1 to 4:1 would be perfectly appropriate. Any more and I fear it would become too watery.

Aroma: Nice anise and wormwood, with just a touch of the licorice tone of star anise. The latter being significantly toned down from the previous version, which is a very good thing. There is a slight vegetal undertone, which some have attributed to the nettles. It add a bit of an idiosyncratic quality that will confound some. I don't find it terribly annoying, but it is definitely there.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: The thickness of the previous version has been exchanged for a much more enjoyable silky feeling, which I would say is a cause/effect of the reduced star anise. A nice balance of wormwood and anise. I don't detect the very unique flavor of Pontarlier wormwood, but the wormwood flavor that IS there is enjoyable. That vegetal aroma I mentioned does come through in the flavor too. It adds a unique savoriness that some will like and some won't. I don't mind it.

Finish: Slightly tannic and drying that plays well with the sweetness from the anise. In fact, it's surprisingly sweet. To the point where I was wondering if there might have been some amount of sugar added! But the wormwood does work to cut the sweetness. I'd like to see the finish last a bit longer, but that's me nitpicking.

Overall: There's not much to complain about. This is a much more enjoyable quaff than the previous iteration. Is it the best absinthe out there? No. But it's also a very nice standard. Being as widely available as it is or will be, it can help give novices a nice introduction to the category. It brings the right qualities for an absinthe to be used with success in cocktails, and also stands on its own well enough to be enjoyed via the traditional preparation.

I'm happy to see such a large company putting together a higher quality offering. This could possibly help to spur the entire industry on to increasing the mass market standards, which could also then help drive consumers' appreciation of the smaller market, more artisinal brands.
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June 04, 2014
I may be a beginner / amateur concerning the various absinthes, but found this Pernod Absinthe a wonderful drink, curing all matters of ills and helping me anticipate future ones. In short, I like this absinthe andi am pleased that it is now available in my local store.
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