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Color: Green, but very light. Could use some work.

Louche: Builds nicely and ends up attractive, but not remarkably so.

Aroma: A little hear at 3:1 and a touch of mustiness. Not offputting, but not appetizing either.

Flavor: There's some sweetness that doesn't really remind me of anise, more like butterscotch mixed with anise instead. Not a fan of the wormwood here. I think better herbs would help this brand. Overall, a fairly basic flavor profile.

Finish: A bit astringent and bitter, but not bad. Anise lingers and produces some numbing.

Overall: This absinthe has potential. It's not very good now, but with a few tweaks, it could end up being very enojoyable. I'm surprised this absinthe won a medal at the Absinthiades.
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