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This is truly an excellent absinthe and I'm kicking myself for not buying a bottle sooner. It has a lot of really great things going on with it. I didn't use sugar with the class that I'm reviewing now. It's one of the very few commercial absinthes that I think might benefit from a little sugar, if one prefers a sweeter glass of absinthe. It's very good without the sugar if a slightly bitter glass of absinthe is desired. I like that flexibility, as moods and desires can change from day to day.

The color straight from the bottle is a little bit lighter than what I was expecting, it was almost clear. I was surprised by this, and have no idea how long the bottle was sitting on the shelf, so that may have been a factor. After water has been added it's a light cloudy green, just like an excellent absinthe should be.

The louche is excellent, one of the best I've seen and has a beautiful mouthfeel. It is thickest around 3:1, and lightens just a little bit by 4.5:1, but it is still thick enough to prevent me from seeing through the glass.

The pre-water aroma is herbal, but there is some strong alcohol there as well, which quickly disappears once water begins to be added. The resulting aroma is very pleasant and relaxing, very herbal, not strong or harsh, just there in the background.

Pacifique has one of the the best flavor profiles I've tasted in a commercial verte. It's a little wormwood heavy, hence my prior suggestion for adding sugar if a sweeter drink is preferred. The wormwood flavor itself is excellent, leafy and floral, but not too much. The anise, hyssop, melissa and fennel come through supporting the flavor in the back, after the wormwood has done it's bit. This is easily going to be a go-to absinthe for me, and I think based on the flavor alone it's a perfect introductory and standard absinthe for new and experienced absinthe drinkers. Although the flavor is a little bit wormwood heavy, it's not overdone, and the rest of the herbs and spices are very balanced and supportive in all the right ways.

The finish has some melissa and a little wormwood, but it's perfectly harmonious with what an excellent abisnthe should be.

This absinthe rocks. I'm very excited about it and glad it's done so well and see how it can easily continue to do so for quite some time. Excellent work Pacific Distillery!
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