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Magnifique Pacifique!
(Updated: May 29, 2009)
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Before Water: Pale, amber with just a hint of green. Perhaps on the side of too pale, but still vibrant. Most doses are perfectly clear, but some do have tiny specks of particulate.

After Water: The green comes out a bit more in a light lime straw hue. To me this is a perfect balance between opaque and translucent- truly opalescent, has a way of glowing with whatever light is in the room.

Trails are not thick, but finely detailed, forming mini layers of clear jellies. A slow forming, but well defined fog-bank displays a nice bit of bounce and grows at a perfect measured pace. With good light, I can actually see the louche action roiling away UNDERNEATH the fog at the bottom of the glass. From start to finish, the louche is on the delicate side- but in a complex and pleasing way.

Before Water: A brisk sweetness with earthy, vaguely cinnamon notes.

After Water: The alpine briskness is here, but there are also fruity herbal notes and a big background of powdery floral sweetness that I believe comes from the hyssop. It’s clean, refreshing and rich all at the same time.

Not knowing what Pacifique or what the Montpelier style tasted like before this release, I was expecting a wormwood bomb. However I was also surprised by the initially powerful and strident, yet paradoxically transparent anethole section of the trio.

With only a short period of breathing, the supporting herbal hymns and baby powder hyssop come forth. It is amazing how well balanced the ingredients are, yet I am constantly getting glints of nuances from each of the flavors. This is also one of the freshest, most “alpine” tasting absinthes I’ve had.

Not the creamiest mouthfeel, but very smooth and refined, it has more of a satin character. Seamlessly transitions into the softly dry finish.

The wonderful lingering finish caries the alpine and floral notes for a long time. Here the excellent wormwood blend is showcased not only as minty on the high end with a savory bitterness in the back, but also a tasty herbaceous quality right before the bitter kicks in.

A learned colleague of mine described this absinthe as elegant. I could not agree more- alpine elegance in a glass. With the possible exception of pre-ban vintage, it doesn’t getter better than this folks.

Notes: Various ratios from 3:1 to 4:1. Multiple glasses louched with fountain and brouille drips, as well as poors via sports bottle, carafe and pitcher; no sugar.
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