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The Epitome of the Montpelier Style
(Updated: August 13, 2011)
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Although just a wee bit on the pale side, the color is a vibrant, refractive peridot green that I find immensely appealing.

The louche is a beauteous unfolding thing with lots of delicate snow globe action, which eventually clouds over to a fairly thick luminescent opalescence.

The aroma neat is like an alpine meadow with relatively soft alcohol showing through. As the louche commences, this fragrance opens up wonderfully, revealing an incredibly balanced, and rounded herbal perfume (not a literal perfume, as in L'Italienne), and one can discern beautiful Andalusian (and somewhat fruity) anise, fruity fennel, a good hint of angelica, and an absolutely amazing soft talc-like hyssop. These aromatics carry over into the flavor almost seamlessly, and while each herb can be savored on its own, one has to taste "hard" because the flavors quickly blend back into a (at the risk of repeating myself) seamless whole. The finish is long, but could have a bit more duration and intensity. The mouth feel is not the creamiest I've ever experienced, but it is perfect for the flavors that it supports, and there's an exquisite "softness"to the Pacifique that I find adds even more to its appeal.

This would be my idea of the perfect absinthe, if it were only a bit less delicate. It is like sipping, and savoring a bright, happy, alpine meadow in May, and every time I louche a glass, it awakens my senses teasingly, and leaves me quite happy, but for the slight desire that it was a tad fuller, and richer.

Thank you, Marc, for bringing this elegant and beautiful rendition of the Montpelier style to fabulous fruition!

Edit...Having recently tried the latest run of Pacifique, I must upgrade my score to a 5.0. The color has become a more vibrant peridot, the louche is definitely fuller (not quite thick, but perfect for the style), and the flavor is livelier, and richer while also being smoother, and even more seamless. If I had to choose between the superlative Edourd Pernods I have tasted, or this latest bottling of Pacifique, I would honestly choose the latter.
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