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4.4 18 0.5
Solid and interesting
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Appearance: Clear, jewel-like green with a hint of yellow

Louche: Dramatic trails lead to a rolling fog very quickly. Completely louched by 2:1. Greenish-yellow tint, thick.

Aroma: Spicy sandalwood notes with an earthy base. Very pleasant, but tended to stay in the glass rather than fill the room. Still aromatic at 3:1, much less so at 4:1

Flavor: Wormwood bitterness right up front followed by spicy, more complex flavors. Nicely balanced after the initial sip. The first sip always seems to be more bitter than the ones that follow.

Finish: Dry and spicy with some numbing. Lasts quite awhile.

Overall: This is one of the few brands I prefer sugared. I also find it best at around 4:1, which eliminates the alcohol burn still present at 3:1. It's a good go-to absinthe when you want something interesting, but not too gimmicky.
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