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An extinct oddity.
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It's a pale, grassy green. Whether it's natural or not is not easily discernable. The aroma mostly makes me think of dill with some floral notes. Good bit of heat, some anise.

The louche looks natural but is pretty thin. It's a pale yellow-green. The louche has brought forward a little more anise in the aroma, but it's still very much like dill.

The flavour is sweeter than expected. It tastes very unusual, not like anything else I've had. Somewhat candylike, there's anise but it's pretty reserved. My understanding is that this has no wormwood but there's a similar sort of bitterness. No overt wormwood flavour, but the bitterness combined with the slightly floral aroma makes me wonder. The finish is very brief, very sweet, then gone. Nothing worth noting, really.

This is a cool rarity to own, and the bottle is beautiful, but if you decide not to drink it you're not really missing out on anything. It's a nice, non-sensationalistic step in the modern absinthe revival's development.
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