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younger sister of Angelique
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Being an ardent Angelique fan, I haven't been convinced by the appearance of Opaline.

It is a solid, more feminine absinthe, created maybe as the more angelic than diabolical (the dreadful wormwood) version of Angelique.

Its louche builds up very nicely and present us with greenish opalescence, if the colour is a tad lighter than that of Angelique.

As I mentioned, absinthe is feminine, very floral, pleasant, does not have the herbaceousness of Angelique, nor does it have the robust foundation of CAB's les bleues. Wormwood is discrete there, but present enough as long as feminine aspect allows it to bloom.

Upon tasting, the best ratio seems to be 1:3.5, absinthe reveals us with a delicate breeze over Jura mountains with some herbal, yet very delicate, accents. So is the finish which is not as bold as one would await from verte, but close enough to a finish of such a feminine verte, Opaline proudly wins to be.

An alternative to Angelique, that is for sure, if no match for Butterfly or Sapphire.
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