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Appearance: A light and thin olive color. Clear and natural.

Louche: Opaline displays a perfect translucence with green-amber hues in the body and greyish blue hues towards the top. Very “opalescent”.

Aroma: The anise comes out right away with a slight citrus and spice notes as well. The wormwood balances nicely with other herbal scents still lingering.

Flavor: The initial flavor is surprisingly wormwood forward with the anise and spice notes taking a more supporting role. The texture is smooth but also very light with a fair amount of alcohol still detectable. There is a wonderful background note of an earthy and citrus brightness that reminds me of crisp lettuce. Although there is a lot going on, the overall flavor impression is unfortunately a bit weak even at lower ratios.

Finish: The finish sweetens up and then turns to a pleasant bitterness. The fresh-earthy tone underscores the duration and a curious astringency hits the sides of my palate towards the end.

Overall: Opaline is a refreshing and lighter absinthe, almost too light. The flavors and textures don't pound ones palate and are otherwise crisp and well balanced.
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