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Fresh pale verte
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(Before Water) Very pale green, no sediment.

Good trail and fog action. Louched color is still very pale green, decent opacity, a little on the thick side.

Before Water: Alcohol heat, woodsy, with sweet and floral notes riding along.

After Water: Very pleasant fresh, sweet, and herbaceous aroma.

Like the aroma, the flavor is fresh, sweet, and herbaceous. Tasty wormwood dominates but does not overwhelm the anise and fennel. There’s also some spicy flavors, however, other nuances one might expect in a verte aren’t really in evidence. I don’t know if the light color influenced my expectations or if a light hand was indeed used in the secondary infusion. A bit of alcohol heat even past 3:1.

Decent finish, not super long lasting but not unbalanced.

I found Opaline to be a well made verte. My sample was 8 months old by the time I finished it off for reviewing. My initial impression back then was that it was a little on the bland side; it has matured well.
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