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dear lord...
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Appearance: totally fake. Not your run of the mill neon green, but still not appealing in any sense of the word.

Louche: Surprisingly thin and flat. I was expecting a much thicker louche based on the apparent levels of anise.

Aroma: I'm not sure how a low proof option like this can put off so much heat, but it sure does. Some anise, lots of licorice. Undertones of mustiness.

Flavor: Woof. Like anise flavored cough syrup. Very thick and cloyingly sweet. No complexity at all.

Finish: Numbness and grass. Just yuck.

Overall: No need to even give this a second thought. It's a low quality, gimmick product. Pass on this and pick up even a mid-level authentic absinthe. You'll be much better served.
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