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Salvageable with a few adjustments.
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The colour is a decent green, slightly olive. A tad dark, but clear and sediment free. It smells sweet and star anisey. A little floral. Frankincense, oddly enough.

The louche is instantaneous and very thick. Nice milk jade colour but a bit flat and lacking in subtlety. With water it smells fruitier than star anise normally comes across to me. Wormwood not as evident as before water. Resiny and a tad citrusy.

The flavour definitely reminds me of raw frankincense from the first sip, from the spice to the waxiness. Star anise is numbing but is held in check flavour-wise. Wormwood is unremarkable and laid back. Hard to find much else as the dominant flavours are so overbearing. Mildly bitter.

Wormwoody and spicy, the finish is relatively brief and lacks excitement.

I like what this absinthe is going for, but I just don't think it succeeds. It's not terrible but I wouldn't go out of my way to get my hands on it again.
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