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Monty first run - spicier, with more cinnamon
(Updated: September 13, 2008)
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The first run of Montmartre is much spicier on the palate, with the cinnamon much more pronounced than the later version. Speaking from personal taste, I like this run much better, as it's quite unique. The newer version is much more of the commonplace flavor that you would expect from an everyday absinthe. That might please some people, but not me.

The color is a very nice natural green. Quite clear and vibrant.

The louche began rather quickly and produced some of the most amazing oil trails I've ever seen. It was almost completely louched after the first measure of water was mixed. It finished up as a wonderfully opalescent white/green with hints of blue.

The aroma began with some alcohol notes, but after it was louched up, those scents went away, leaving a spicy alpine nose with hints of anis and fennel. The wormwood aroma also made itself known.

I think at 3:1, it was wonderfully thick on the tongue with anise, fennel and wormwood, along with the spiciness of cinnamon and maybe even a hint of corriander.

Overall, I really like this one. It's quite a show to louche up and pleasant to drink. The freshness of the flavor with the piney hints make it great for both summers and winters alike. It's a shame the new run doesn't have as much unique flavor. I'll have to conserve this bottle, and dole it out only on special occasions.
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