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This beverage is a deep, dark, artificial blue-green. Mouthwash colour. There's not a lot to smell besides alcohol. Some spice or cola aroma, but it seems fakey.

The louche is surprisingly slow and a thin. Sort of the white-blue-green of Piggly Wiggly watergate salad. Looks artificial but not ugly I suppose. After water some star anise comes forward in the aroma, very sweet. Cotton candy.

It has a star anise oil flavour upfront, followed by macerated wormwood. Very bitter and annoying tasting, like sucking on a penny, yet with no minty or floral qualities. Some lemon notes. Unpleasant and difficult to drink. Numbing.

The finish is nearly non-existent and nothing seems to characterize it besides a bit of fading star anise.

Without a doubt this is the worst Spanish absenta I've ever had. It's a completely unsalvageable wreck.
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