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Very nice indeed!
(Updated: July 10, 2011)
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I had this glass of absinthe without sugar at 4 parts water to 1 part absinthe.

The color was a very bright emerald green, very surprising considering the age.

The louche was perfect, solid, thick, a jade green color. Very appetizing looking.

The aroma was very wormwood heavy, with some sweet anise/fennel as well.

The flavor was very strong on the wormwood, almost too strong. It was kind of astringent and almost unpleasant after several sips. It definitely could have used some sugar.

The finish was a little too strong and bitter for my preference.

Overall, this was a wonderful absinthe and I'm grateful for the opportunity to try it. I don't think I could finish an entire glass, let alone a full bottle back in the day. I can only imagine how the aging process improved it, and can certainly understand some of the reasons why there are photos of some people using three or more sugar cubes. However unlikely, I hope that some more bottles turn up.
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