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Mohawk the American Pre-Ban
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To taste a genuine pre-ban American absinthe was something extraordinary.

The color was pale yellow/green depending on the lightsource. I felt it was just right for the age after seeing other pre-ban absinthes. Pretty nice.

As for the louche, it started with nice oil trails but didn't quite thicken but it sure was pretty.

The aroma struck me as fresh and lively. Very pleasant.

Mohawk had a unique flavor that was very full but different than most any absinthe I've had. The taste that struck me right away was pine/cedar and maybe mint, almost north woodsy. It was there on the second taste and was not a bit offensive.
The finish was long with a nice wormwood bitter that has rounded over the years.

Overall I found this a truly delightful drink. The mouthfeel was just the way I like my drinks, kind of creamy but not to thick. I don't know what the makers had in mind about the way this was supposed to turn out but it was very special. I could have given higher grades but it wasn't quite what I had expected. The Mohawk, in my opinion, would hold it's own in a competition. The pesky evergreen flavor may keep it out of the gold though. A piece of American history I never expected.
Thank you for the wonderful drink.
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