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Mohawk - Not Just a Silly Hair Style
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I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to taste the pre-ban American Absinthe, Mohawk. The tasting conditions were ideal. It was the first glass of the night and I was, therefore able to sample it's aroma with a clean nose (so to speak) and taste it with a fresh palate.

The weakest points of this Absinthe in my opinion were its color and its louche. The color was a light straw yellow and neither Verte nor Blanche. It may have been incorrect or it may be showing a color change over time, then again it may be exactly what the distillers were after, I don't know but for me, personally, it was weak. The louche was very distinct in the beginning as the water created vibrant pearly streaks in the Absinthe but once it began to cloud it was a bit thin and weak in color.

The aroma was fantastic, one of the most room filling ever. It was sweet and warm smelling with just a slight floral peeking through. The flavor was very nice. Again, warm, round, not very complex but well balanced. Sugar made a significant difference throwing the balance off and amplifying the wormwood in the finish to a distinct bitterness that was not present without sugar (I typically sugar my Absinthe).

Overall, I loved it. I wish it were prettier to look at but what it did not do for my eyes, it made up for with my nose and tongue. Not as complex or as floral as the 1914 cash but similar to it in may ways. I found it reminiscent of the PF 1901 and, in a strange way to the Francois Guy, especially in color and louche but also in flavor profile.
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