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Is it Montmartre "Lite" or Mata Hari "Extra" ?
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From the label: "historical recipe from 1909"
"with grande wormwood, sage, fennel, & various other natural herbs"

COLOR: Pleasing deep peridot, without sediment. Seemingly natural, but such a clean-looking green you have to wonder...

LOUCHE: Lots of immediate oil trails with the addition of water, fading to an anticlimactic translucent blue-green. No real "smoke" effect to speak of.

AROMA: Predominately cinnamon with an underlying spicy-pine scent. A hint of fennel. If anise is in there, I can't seem to find it.

FLAVOR: Lacks complexity. Again mostly cinnamon and faint wormwwood bitterness, with very little detectable anise or fennel.(No sugar used.)

FINISH: Very thin, slightly dry, not very numbing. 65% ABV but still weak-tasting even at a 3:1 ratio. Not much "bite" at all.

OVERALL: In a word, disappointing. I had high hopes for this absinthe, with its label nearly identical to that of Montmartre. Unfortunately, I'd say Mephisto falls somewhere between Monty and Mata Hari within the Fischer repertoire.
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