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Bland and uninspiring
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Appearance: a warm forest green color but apparently the best quality mentionable.
Louche: hardly present at all but makes a fair effort at best. Many other even modestly decent absinthes make this attempt laughable
Aroma: it reminds me of cheap mouthwash or something a dentist would shove in my mouth with assurance it tastes just like cotton candy when everyone knows perfectly well it had better not
Flavor: again of mouthwash. It does not sit well on the palate and reeks of artificiality and something oddly chemical
Finish: no worry of impending regret once swallowed; I imagine the feeling one might retain after a free sample of anything at the dollar store
Overall: Offer earnestly to guests to whom you wish a 'good night' and a worse morning hangover. This is rubbish.
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