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Color: A clean and clear bright gem green. Not dark or deep but not light or shallow. Near perfect with no sediment or cloudy texture.

Louche: In the area of presentation this absinthe excels. The finished louche is a perfect balance between the thick and thin with a blue hue at the top leading into a gradient to a clear silk green at the bottom.

Aroma: This absinthe smells fennel heavy which is a nice twist. The spicy and sweet aromas of “masculine” absinthes are very noticeable as well as a bit of a grassy scent in the background. This still smells fresh which is surprising when considering the age of the sample that I was given. Anise and Wormwood are displayed nicely but are not forceful in any way. Overall a beautiful and complex aroma.

Flavor: There is a nice spice and sweet character that hits first with an herbal and grassy note following very quickly. The texture is light with an almost citrus feel. It is very tasty but there is some sort of medicinal quality in the back of the mouth. It tastes wonderful except for that very pronounced downside.

Finish: The finish heats up with a pronounced spice note and goes out with a fennel and wormwood one. The layering is more than simple but not really complex and the finish also lasts quite a while.

Overall: The recipe and production ooze craftsmanship but the medicinal feel in the flavor throws this one off quite a bit. The presentation is flawless and the aroma lets us know what the creators were aiming for. Even though this one beats the pants off of most absinthe out there I feel that the creators missed the bulls-eye by a ring or two.
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