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enhanced Ponty
(Updated: March 14, 2009)
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Color: The pics show an olive green goodie that I would definitely score highly, the one I have is pale green. What is going on?

Louche: delicate, nice and natural. Could be thicker just a bit.

Aroma: intriguing, interesting is the word. Not off-putting. Something new and unique. It might be the orris root-something like woody/rooty veronica with a dash of melissa

Flavor: initially, it is a bit too heavy, but then opens up. Wormwood is accentuated enough, so is hyssop, anethole have their discrete say, so it is good that it is not anise bomb, after all.

Finish: spiciness, rounded, slowly developing.

Overall: Traditional Pontarlier it is not, but a Pontarlier with some intriguing enhancements. If that was Gwydion’s aspiration, then it has been achieved. Of course, people will appreciate of it more, when its price is not that prohibitive.

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