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The US brands just keep getting better!
(Updated: October 28, 2009)
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After trying a few of the prototypes, I was extremely excited to see this hit the shelves!

Color: A shade lighter than emerald. Similar to an unripened pear. Very attractive.

Louche: I got some significant layering using ice cold water and the fountain. Fully louched around 2.5:1. Well formed and deep.

Aroma: Powerful blending of herbs, with anise and wormwood at the forefront, with hints of citrus and flowers. It's a calming aroma.

Flavor: As others have mentioned, the wormwood is top notch. It adds a wonderful Alpine spiciness and floral boquet. The bitterness is just right. Not over the top, and not too far in the background. The great thing about this absinthe is that you can 'explore' its depth because it doesn't fall apart easily with overwatering. I tasted different things at each ratio, with all of them being enjoyable.

Finish: Creamy and smooth with touches of anise and allspice.

Overall: While this brand is very deep and complex, I can see it winning favor both with experienced absintheurs and newcomers alike. There isn't as much of a chance of screwing up the dilution ratio, which will make this brand very user friendly for novices. Very well done!
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