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Colour: Pale green, yellow chartreuse. Bright, clear and natural

Louche: Good. A little quick. I free pour the water from a pitcher so the water stream varies from a quick drip to thin stream. Perhaps with a more consistent drip the louche might develop a bit better. Colour after water ranges from pale green pistachio to a murky yellow green

Aroma: Awesome. Wintergreen mint, tropical fruit, piney herbs, citrus tang. Very fresh and crisp. Can really smell the fennel. Very pleasant

Flavour: Earthy mint, eau-de-vie, juicy fruit, woody notes, camphor, rosemary, fennel. Medium body. Excellent wormwood flavour. Complex and just delicious

Finish: Sharp bitterness gives way to a more herbal bitterness then finishes dry. Medicinal tongue-numbing throughout and the herbal flavours of anise, wormwood and fennel lasts awhile

Overall: This is a very high quality absinthe. I can tell that the best quality herbs and base-spirits were used in the manufacture. The aroma and flavour are amazing

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