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(Updated: October 31, 2014)
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Color is a very pretty peridot that really does present well in full sunlight. The aroma before water is interesting - balanced but something else is hiding in the shadows. Louching is very, *very* particular with this one. I find that if I don't use a very slow drip with very cold water that things turn out too thin and not only the louche but the mouthfeel and flavor is also impacted. With proper care... it louches quite nicely if one takes the necessary care and time and brings out a complex assortment of flavours to enjoy! Using a bubble-glass, I can almost guarantee proper preparation so long as the water is cold enough. The finish is where those spicy notes really rise up and make themselves known - but they are present in the drink proper as well. Nice "coating" of the mouth and a well-rounded finish with slight numbing. Really well-rounded.

A nice absinthe with all of the expected pieces falling into place along with a certain spiciness I cannot place, but enjoy nonetheless. Watch that louche!
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