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My first absinthe
(Updated: May 05, 2012)
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Appearance: The color is light. Really, really light. Clearly natural, and not cloudy, but there's a lot more that could be going on here.

Louche: Develops a nice louche, but ends up pretty thick. It does maintain a nice color.

Aroma: Ever so slight muskiness, but the aroma is fairly pleasant, reminiscent of the more "dessert-like" absinthes, with noticeable anise and melissa.

Flavor: Very sweet and full of anise, but not at all unpleasant. Tongue-numbing, but not a lot of complexity.

Finish: The finish has the mouth-watering sensation I would typically attribute to wormwood, but there isn't much wormwood flavor to be found...this sensation is decently lengthy.

Overall: I know it's pretty much the cool thing nowadays to make fun of this absinthe, especially among experienced absintheurs, but Lucid is honestly not bad. I grow a little tired of people going "I tried Lucid and it was so completely horrible, but I got a bottle of better absinthe and I'm happy now", which tends to read the same as most Czech-sinthe experiences...I don't find it to be at all like that. This was the first absinthe I ever tried, and I honestly breathed a sigh of relief that I found myself enjoying Lucid and would be willing to purchase more absinthe in the future, because initially I was worried I wouldn't like absinthe at all. I do feel that for the price, there are a number of much better absinthes on the market, but if I didn't have access to these other absinthes, I would still drink Lucid.
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