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Preface- This is my first real absinthe. I feel I may have weighed my final score to keep room open for when I try other products. I did not want to write this review just after my first glass because I was afraid the awe and wonder I was experiencing would stilt my judgment.

Color- Very nice natural looking pale green. Better than any substitutes I have seen.

Louche- I louched veery slowly from a drop bottle to fully savor the effect. The oil tendrils were entrancing and gave way to a slow smoky louche rising from the bottom of the glass. After five minutes of slow drip when the louche was complete I found it to be quite opaque with little opalescence.

Aroma- I give this my lowest score. Although I could easily smell the anise and fennel, but these and other aromas where tainted by what I could only describe as a spicy mexican food scent that seemed entirely out of place. Almost sweaty. This was the smell in the bottle, after letting it breath in the glass for a bit this weakened, it was further diminished after the louch- becoming understudy to the prettier ingredients that had been waiting in the wings. Still, if I knew nothing of absinthe and was offered a whiff of the bottle it is unlikely I would have partaken in this spicy smelling liquor.

Flavor- (Unsweetened) Tasty! Overall very well balanced, no note overpowered another. Even the spicy imp that hid at the bottom of the glass danced happily around the maypole in my mouth with the others. Also, Lucid has offered the finest mouthfeel of any liquor I have ever sampled (yet). It coated my mouth nicely and only slightly numbed my tongue, to pleasing effect.

(Sweetened) I could see many people enjoying Lucid with a cube of sugar. However I found that adding sugar seemed to kill half of the nuances in the drink, like covering a finely grilled and seasoned portobello with catsup. Still enjoyable, though cloying.

Finish- The ghosts of my last sip lingered on my palate for a pleasing amount of time once I had finished, enticing me into another cup. I found no alcohol burn on the way down at the strength of 4:1.

Overall- I am very thankful this product has made it to the US market. It would have been a very long time before I could order anything comparable.

I would suggest Lucid in a heartbeat, and I will. Just don't smell it before the louche.
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