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"Jade Lite?" They Could be Right.
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Lucid is a great starter Absinthe. It is perfect for showcasing the flavor and aroma of Anise, Fennel, and Wormwood in good balance. It may not be the balance I would choose if I crafted my own but the levels are appropriate and well done if a bit light.

Let's face it, not everyone falls in love with the flavor of Absinthe from the first sip. I started with the Jade Verte Suisse 65 and there were quite a few involuntary shudders in the first few glasses. The Verte Suisse is a powerful and complex Absinthe, sometimes one may want something lighter. Lucid is lighter.

The color is a very pretty green (but lighter than even the PF 1901). The louche is pretty but fast and less complex. There was a sharpness to the aroma that put me off a bit but I believe that had to do with the beet base. The flavor is sharper and lighter than more complex warm spice Absinthes and, in my opinion benefits from sugaring.

Lucid is probably at the top of my list for recommending to a US newbie. It's a solid Absinthe to cut one's teeth on yet allows room to progress into the wide world of the Green Fairy.
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