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Good everyday absinthe
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Without comparing Lucid to any other absinthe I really enjoyed it. The color neat was a pale yellowish-green. When water is added to Lucid you can see trails from the water it is almost fully louched at 1:1. I like my absinthe without sugar or very little up to one cube and about 3:1 or 4:1 water ratio, overall the flavor of Lucid is very good, I taste mostly anise, not overly complex but to me still has a good flavor and I enjoy the finish, it has some mouth numbing. Now Lucid compared to another absinthe like Kubler, it is nowhere close to the complexity of Kubler and has a lot more of an anise flavor than Kubler and Lucid ends thinner than Kubler, Kubler has more of a milky ending to me. Also not nearly aromatic as Kubler. But on its own Lucid is a good everyday absinthe.
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