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Not a Chopin Nocturne, but still pretty good
(Updated: December 29, 2008)
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This is an absinthe that I genuinely enjoy drinking, even though I would not list it among my very favorites. Visually, it's unremarkable. It begins a pale peridot, natural but not extraordinary, and it louches to a substantial jade green (with a slightly yellowish-grey undertone). The aroma is clean and refreshing and maybe just a little peppery, but though not bad I do think it is a bit unusual. The taste is an enjoyable mix of sweeter herbs and bitterness. It's not as complex as the various Jades are, but it is nonetheless pleasing. The finish is likewise good and interesting, and there is no obtrusive bitterness in the aftertaste. The numbing quality is comparatively strong, however.

Overall, I feel Lucid shows a lot of promise and is a worthy introductory absinthe for the US market. And there is no denying it: it's as affordable as absinthes get.
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