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The colour is amber with hints of green around the edges. Looks like it has some age to it, which is perfectly fine. It smells dark and purfumey. Trinity is well blended and seems subdued. Powdery.

The louche is pretty thin, but nice colour. Yellow-green with good texture. Wish it were thicker. Water opened the aroma right up. Big wormwood, sweet anise. Earthy, grassy.

However there's not much anise on the palate, but more bitter wormwood. I'm not tasting the floral quality other people are. Lemony and vegetal. I like it but it's incomplete. Mouth-feel is thin.

The finish is wormwoody at first, but the anise finally comes through and the bitterness fades quickly. Sweet, fruity, and lingering.

To me this is an autumny absinthe. It's dark and woodsy. More anise to flesh out the louche and mouthfeel would improve it, but it's very tasty as is.
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