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Completely wonderful.
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Color: Topaz, but not in a "dead" way. Clear, and without sediment.

Louche: Extremely slow, but not too spectacular. Turns and attractive citrine color with amber tones. It can sometimes be finicky to get the correct temperature of water/texture.

Aroma: Once louched, the scent fills the room. It's absolutely magical. Very perfumed and beautiful, with the wormwood creating an easy bridge from the trinity over to the floral notes of lilac and jasmine. I would wear this as a perfume.

Flavor: I can't taste any flavors that I don't adore and I can't think of how all the flavors could be balanced any better. It's fresh and clean with a hint of lemongrass. It's strong jasmine and wormwood flavors have just enough anise to still be undeniably absinthe. So much could go wrong with all of these flavors, but this is so right.

Finish: Not so much of a "finish," as I feel 100% of the flavor lasts for quite a while before slowly diminishing.

Overall: It's hard to be too picky on what is clearly a natural color and louche, but I would like these to present a little better, but the taste more than makes up for this. Definitely my favorite absinthe.
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