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This absinthe is so easy to drink
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This absinthe was extremely enjoyable.

Color: A very attractive deep green.

Louche: It didn't layer as much as I would hope, but it built up nicely and ended up deep and inviting.

Aroma: Very sweet, floral and inviting. The difference in the wormwood really does bring out the character in this absinthe. It's noticeably different from the aromas you'd get from Pontarlier wormwood. It's more floral and muted. Not as spicy. It works very well.

Flavor: The same relaxed, perfumey, floral character mentioned above brings itself over to the flavor as well. I think that even those people who think they must drink their absinthe with sugar would enjoy this without it. It's sweet, but not cloying, floral, but not overwhelmingly so. It ends with just a wisp of the wormwood bitterness.

Finish: It recedes a bit quicker than I would hope, but that's to be expected with the sublteness of the wormwood. It just makes you want to take that next sip all the more quicker.

Overall: I really like this absinthe. It's a departure from the normal, up-front bold abisnthes. This one is refined and glamorous. I can see myself drinking this seated at a sidewalk cafe in the dead of summer in Cortona. I couldn't ask for a better drink in that situation.
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