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This was purchased at my local Vom Fass, which doesn't sell Libertine in the standard pre-packaged bottle, but in their own generic packaging; however the label clearly indicates that it is indeed Libertine 72.

Appearance: clear green-yellow, appears naturally colored, louches to a very pale white-peridot color

Louche: Turns very thick almost immediately indicating significant amounts of star anise present

Aroma: There is a significant amount of clean dirt smell present along with a lot of anise and herb components. It reminds me very much of original Doubs.

Flavor: Again I taste lots of clean dirt, prominent star anise, and artificial-tasting herbs along with some bitterness.

Finish: Tongue-numbing anise followed by bitterness and a hint of sweetness after the bitterness has dissipated.

Overall: Too much star anise, bitterness, and fake herbal flavor for my taste.
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