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Appearance: a very light green, lighter and more yellow than usual in a verte. Very clear. Quite different from what I see on my computer screen in the picture, where it looks like cognac. My bottle was purchased in late 2015.

Louche: a very thick louche, forming quickly. The color is a pale green, with spare blue and orange reflexes.

Aroma: all the unexpected aromas other reviewers have described are there: burnt crayon, sweaty horse, wet earth. Spicy, peppery, but little anise. Something reminds me of Italian grappa.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: bitterer than usual, very little anise. The main taste is that of wormwood.

Finish: some bitter wormwood lingering in the mouth.

Overall: this is either love it or hate it. It does not pretend to be a standard verte, I don't think it's labelled "amer" just for its thujone content. When I first tried it, I was pretty disappointed. After some months and many absinthes experienced, this is one of the few absinthes I always want to have home, as its personality is unique. I like it more than the other Amer, Lemercier. I know this absinthe doesn't get much love anywhere, but I think it just boils down to personal preferences: if you like it bitter and intense, if you don't like anise too much, if you want something strong and different, this is definitely worth a try. I'm going to test other Devoille's products in the future.
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