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(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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This is my first review and I would like to start off by saying that this is an odd absinthe compared to the other dozen or so I have tried thus far. I used a small sugar cube and ice cold water dripped at approximately 1 drip per second. Second glass I added more sugar and slightly more water to try and dampen the bitterness.

Appearance - The bottle is almost a gold color so I am not sure exactly where it fits on the spectrum. It's odd looking with only a touch of green showing through when poured into a glass. It looked clear yet somehow tainted.

Louche - Louche was extremely quick forming from the bottom building rapidly towards the top. It was thick and opaque and not very captivating to watch build. Still, the idiosyncrasies were interesting in that I had not witnessed this sort of louche before. Very one dimensional in the end.

Aroma - This is where I knew I may be in trouble. My first reaction was that it smelled like body odor. I think I read that star anise is included and I have not tried an absinthe with this ingredient before to my knowledge. I cannot say that this played any role, but it may have. Overall, it was too "organic" for my taste. A bit dirty.

Flavor/Mouthfeel - Again, very different from anything I've sampled. Unbalanced. I think the star anise is a flavor I am unfamiliar with and it may well have been the most pronounced. Heavy, but not lovable wormwood. There is a definite bite and some flavors I had not yet experienced. This made it interesting, if not entirely enjoyable. Pretty bitter so I added a bit more sugar and over-watered just a smidge on the second glass. Left me with a slightly numbed tongue which has not occurred since the first time I tried absinthe in CZ. A bit boozy too.

Finish - The finish helped the cause a bit as it was not an unpleasant linger. Definitely runs a little hot which I enjoy at times.

Overall - This absinthe is definitely not in the same league of other absinthes I have sampled. I would guess it is a mid-range offering that may appeal to those looking for something quirky without many of the traditional attributes of absinthe. I will revisit in the near future, but right now I am not looking forward to this being a staple behind my bar.
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