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(Updated: July 08, 2011)
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Batch 30.

Before water the absinthe is bright, clear peridot. Ideal. The aroma first reminds me of cologne, but with some lemon undertones. Fruity with anise and wormwood beneath.

The louche is a little on the thin side, but it's a very pretty opalescent green with a hint of blue. After water the aroma is absolutely room filling, very fruity. In the glass there's a great balance of absinthe herbs. Ever so slight tartness. Very well constructed.

On the palate there's lots of anise upfront, some powder. Lemon. Wormwood is present but plays a support role. Everything is blended very well. Very bright, crisp, and delightful. It's already fairly mellow so i wonder what a few years of aging would do for it.

The finish is very long and fruity. Not much numbing at all. The balance remains constant instead of playing about.

This is quite an excellent absinthe. It should be a staple on anyone's shelf.
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