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Denver's Finest.
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Note: This review is of batch 21. I had batch 30 before writing reviews and it seemed just slightly better than this batch in about every area.

Color: The color is a natural green. Bright but also very clear. I tend to like the unlouched color a bit darker than this.

Louche: The louche is actually pretty slow on this one. It starts out very thin and gets a bit better if it is let to sit. Still too thin after a swirl even but only by a bit.

Aroma: The aroma is pleasant and carries a bit of heat to it. The heat doesn't override the herb bill and some mint can be detected at higher ratios. Leopold Bros. Verte is not too complex, a straightforward smell.

Flavor: At lower ratios there is mainly a sweet grape base and alcohol. At 4:1 the taste evens out and reveals the basic herbs. This tastes just like it smells; it doesn't seem too complex but not the most simple either. A good taste that doesn't disappoint nor surprise.

Finish: There is a slight mouth warmth and the finish sweetens up a bit. The flavor doesn't linger for too long and is mainly comprised of wormwood and anise.

Overall: This is an excellent absinthe to get your bearings on. There is probably a variation between batches as I remember batch 30 being slightly better in all aspects. A fine absinthe for anyone wanting a simple yet tasty and authentic drink.
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