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The fine stylings of the brothers Leopold
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color - It may seem repetitive to describe it as a clear, medium peridot, but that's essentially what it is, with just the barest trace of gold.

The aroma is pleasing to me in the way that many of the American offerings are, and many of the European offerings are not: there is no tang of grassiness or vegetable matter, and the spiciness is enjoyable without being overwhelming.

I found the louche to be a touch oily and not as active or long-lasting as some, but it produces a beautiful aqua glow at the surface.

The taste is clean and refreshing without being vapid. The bite of the wormwood nips at your tongue, but it isn't so intense as to overpower the slightly spicy mixture of fennel and possibly coriander, with the sweetness of fennel. However, be sure to not overwater this absinthe, as it's easy to do. 3.5 to 1 seemed just right to me.

The finish provided an appropriately mild numbness that lets you enjoy each subsequent sip.

Additional note:

I bought this bottle in November of 2009 and finished it up about a month ago. While it is not available through my preferred vendor (DUNY), it is well worth seeking out. Since there's some confusion about the "overall" category, I'll clarify that I'm using it to balance out the rating average, and it's not indicative of how I feel about the absinthe overall (that would be more of a 4).
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