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Leopold...A Glass Good to Hold!
(Updated: January 05, 2013)
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*Revisited and edited after several bottles of this absinthe.

Batch 25
Served at 3:1, and 4:1 no sugar needed here, but I enjoyed it with sugar as well.
The floral elements really open up at 4:1

Color: Medium crystal clear peridot. Very pretty and natural green. Has stayed green for months and months in the bottle with no fading.

Louche: A slow smoky build from the bottom up with clear thick layers, melding together nicely at the end.

Aroma: Clean, inviting and yummy. Wormwood, anise and light spice in that order.
It filled the room while the louche was forming.

Flavor: A very strong, but tasty wormwood right in the front... Anise, fennel and spice follow... It is sweet, lightly spicy, wonderfully herbal, and a ping of citrus. Certainly a top American offering.

Finish: Nice light, tangy finish. . A lingering citrus and spice. Very nice.
Clean and crisp.

Overall: A really good offering, and a great absinthe if you like a wormwood forward profile. Very well-crafted for certain. I'm glad I bought two bottles!

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