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Clear but vivid light green appearance, looks great in my glass. The louche happens fast unless you pour/drip very slow. Thick louche. The aroma is probably the stand-out characteristic of this absinthe, for me. Upon opening the bottle I'm hit with a very distinct, strong smell, like a very nice perfume. Really, it's very fruity, probably the most fruity smelling absinthe I've ever had. It smells delicious. Even stronger during louche.

For me the taste does deviate from the quintessential absinthe profile, in the direction of pepper, and a little hint of soapiness. The wormwood/anise are there for sure, and I believe I can detect the grape base. When I say it 'deviates', I don't mean drastically, I just mean that this absinthe is a bit unique, but not *too* unique, and not in a bad way. The soapiness I mentioned probably sounds like I'm being harsh, but it's really subtle, and it doesn't detract from my ability to enjoy the drink. I don't know if this brand has coriander, and I'm not even sure if I'm one of the people who tastes that as soapy, so I can't say what I'm tasting here that's giving me those notes. Note that I gave the flavor a 4, because I think it tastes pretty good. Without the slight soapiness I'd probably give it a 4.5 or 5 though.

Mouthfeel is pretty creamy to me. Nice. I really enjoy the finish as it lasts for a while and brings me back full circle to the fruity aroma that started the experience.

My bottle is from batch 101.
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