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Batch 71. The first time I opened up this bottle and had some, I remember the grape-base being a little over-powering and not to my taste. Trying it tonight tells me that aging is very good for this absinthe-- whatever it was that was throwing me off isn't apparent now, and this is a really good absinthe. When I kill this bottle, I'll probably try to replace it with another one from Leopold Bros.

Appearance: About the only problem with it IMO. It's clear, pale green... but a little too pale for my preferences to rate a "4".

Louche: Excellent. Thick, full, but with nice highlights and good translucent shine-through.

Aroma: Pre-louche I just get hot, medicinal alcohol, but it's after-louche that counts... and then this is the best Absinthe for aroma I've had so far. If "Absinthe as air-freshener" is your thing, Leopold is your brand. :)

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Superb. Clean, complex, intricate, interesting... worth slowly savoring and enjoying down to the end of the glass.

Finish: clean and full, pure enjoyment.

Overall: This is a very well-made absinthe, worth appreciating almost any time.
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