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Best Absinthe in Denver!
(Updated: September 06, 2013)
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Color: A nice green/yellow color. I keep mine in a closed cabinet but imagine sunlight would cause more of the yellow to come out over time. Very pretty to look upon.

Louche: The louche is one of the things I really enjoy about this absinthe - nice and thick. The louching process is also fun to watch but perhaps everything clouds up a bit too slowly. Almost like the show is over before I have time to fully admire it - but the resulting louche is too gorgeous to find much fault here. Resulting color is a very light green. Very delicate and nearly glowing in the right lighting conditions. Again, gorgeous.

Aroma: During the louching process, the aroma is something that actually strikes me more than the visuals. As the absinthe begins to cloud, the smell just billows into the air around you and it is quite appealing. I love this about Leopolds.

Flavor: I fear that I'm not experienced enough yet to discern and individualize many of the botanicals used in absinthe. The flavor is a definite winner though - the aroma almost provides a sneak at the coming taste experience. It is altogether pleasant and full and I find myself judging other absinthes by this one... perhaps a bit too harshly.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is substantial and creamy. Definitely not a watery absinthe!

Finish: There is a nice numbing sensation with this one that tends to linger a bit. It really does call to most of the senses and that is something I look for in a good absinthe. A well-rounded, fully-engaged experience!

Overall: I love how Leopold Bros. writes the batch number on every bottle. I enjoy their gin as well, and they seem to number absolutely everything. This review was written while imbibing a sample of batch #53 but I have also had #48 and #52 and all seem quite consistent, from my recollection. As of the time of this writing, it is my absolute favorite absinthe!
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