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Un Leopold, garcon!
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Colour: Natural green with a yellow edge. Pleasant to look at, so no complaints. Upon addition of water it louches. Opalescence in its pure form. Neither too opaque nor too thin. Unlike the most of commercial brands, it has a beautiful green tinge, no chalkiness, no whitiness

Louche: Delicate, yet slightly hasty. At 1:1 leaves a nice unlouched layer on top, then gets muddy but in a positive sense.

aroma: Herbaceous with veronica and pontica notes, anise in the back. Something citrusy is apparent what I attribute to pisco. Still, inviting and not too overpowering.

Flavour: Robust, as a grain advocate, I must admit pisco lends the boldness that marries well with herbacousness/spiciness and mitigates the citrusy flavour-that is very prevalent when you take Leopold neat. Cannot decide on the perfect water ratio but it seems to be 1:2-1:3.5, otherwise the herbs got lost.
Finish: Wormwood is perceptible so is pontica, fennel gets very subdued, but anise is discrete enough. A glass offers a wide array of tastes, nuances.

Overall: Right direction. So far in the US Leopold rules the vertes' realm. However, some development is desired and welcomed.
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