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Pass the Pisco, Please!
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This absinthe has come a long way since batch #4, particularly regarding the color, which is now a nice shade of peridot, although it could be a bit more vibrant.

The nose is still a bit dominated by the Pisco base, and this carries through into the flavor, but I happen to really to enjoy the buttered rum ester that it imparts into the absinthe, and I find that it really works well with the herbs. Those herbs seem to be of very good quality, although the wormwood is not of the standout variety, like the Pontarlier, or the Piedemont used in L'Italienne.

The louche is very nice, thick,and gradual although there isn't the volcanic snow-globe action seen in the best of them. The mouthfeel is very creamy, and substantial, however, and the flavor, and finish are hearty, and put me in mind of rum toddies. This is my definitive winter absinthe, except perhaps for my favorite Berger clone.

Todd plans to do a little further rectification of the base once the present barrels are depleted, and I really look forward to tasting whether that allows the herbage to shine through a bit more in future batches.

Kudos to him for being so receptive to suggestions given to him on the forums, and I wish more distillers, who are relatively unfamiliar with the creation of absinthe, would follow his lead.
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