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VERY tasty!
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Color: Deep and dark fuille morte. Darker than your normal 'fresh' absinthe, but not murky.

Louche: Thick, turbulent and opalescent. It brightens up quite a bit. Browns, greens and yellows. Quite attractive.

Aroma: Sweet, herbacious and wonderful. Anise, wormwood, tropical fruits, and strong wine base. Complex and room filling.

Flavor: Very complex. Lots of wormwood balanced by smooth anise. The wine base asserts itself, but it not obtrusive. Spicy, herbaceous, delicious.

Finish: Herbal and spicy. Lingers just long enough.

Overall: Along the lines of the other Parisiennes, it's a strong flavored absinthe. Quite enjoyable. A very nice addition to the collection.
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