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do not get fooled again
(Updated: November 16, 2010)
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Time of seduction has come.

I have been given the following absinthe upon my arrival in Switzerland. I had lotsa expectations, which failed.

What will fool you? The vintage coloure revered by the Extrait d'absinthe worshippers of the yore, the turbulent louche of Pernods, Bergers and beyond.

And here the game is over. Apart that, it is just stronger version of Soixante cinq whih seems to be just the diluted version of L'E.

Crappy wine alcohol, obtrusive pontica, grassy amd one dimensional in the vein of Devoille's works.

Better get La Coquette or Verte de Fougerolles. Better get Verte de Fougerellose at all.
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