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Dark, intense
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Color: A peridot green quite darker than usual, very inviting.

Louche: So much orange and yellow. Thick and colorful. It stays very thick up to 1:5, then gets opalescent.

Aroma: Strong, with the typical Devoille alcohol carrying the holy trinity but also liquorice. Richer and more fruity and spicy than the usual Devoille offer. Satisfying. Aroma intensifies a lot with water.

Flavor: Complex, very complex. Holy trinity, liquorice, I’d also say Angelica and Calamus. Some spicyness, but not coming from star anise. An overall sweetness, in no way obtrusive.

Finish: It lingers long in every part of the mouth and nose and throat.

Overall: I tasted a sample sento to me by a friend, from a bottle opened in 2012, four years ago. This may explain why my notes are different from those of others. I think it’s a very satisfying drink, somehow half way between the current Centenaire and Svensk’s Grön Opal.
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