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(Updated: May 06, 2013)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water:
Looks quite like vintage fuille morte golden brown with the tiniest bit of green tint. Often a sign of bitterness and/or overcoloring in a modern verte such as this, but I find it rather fetching.

After Water:
The louche brings out a thick green-tinged custard color. Fortunately after tasting, the color proved not to be a sign of an overwhelmingly bad process. Though it's likely related to the vegetal notes that might not be welcomed by every absintheur.

Nice oil trails that bunch up at the bottom and eventually go opaque. A line is formed, not right on top of the louching opaque portion, but rather in the middle of the clear portion- pretty cool! The encroaching fog is thick yet disciplined and takes awhile to finally engulf the last of the clear band. Final louche is thick but not excessively so.

Rich brandy-like candied fruit with vegetal, coriander, and herbal notes.

-Flavor and Mouthfeel-
A fruity sweetness born from a marriage of the grape base and anise is very nice, along with some nice spicy, citric and herbal flavors. The vegetal notes are just enough to be interesting and there is a well balanced minty wormwood briskness beneath the candy overtones. I think I can detect star anise which makes the otherwise full, round mouthfeel excessively prickly.

The prickly feel from the star anise regrettably mars what would otherwise be non-cloyingly sweet and interestingly herbaceous finish.

This absinthe is pretty good, and I appreciate that it stands out somewhat from your average verte. At the same time, it might not be for everyone. Heavy grape base and cognac lovers I think will especially dig it. Were it not for the star anise factor, I’d prefer this over its Devoille sister, La Coquette.

Notes: 3.5:1, iced brouille, no sugar.
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