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Creature from the Green Lagoon...
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Appearance: A fairly unappealing deep amber fuille morte, with a slight olive cast when held to the light.

Louche: It's a bit on the thick side. The louched color is a somewhat gross yellow mud color, with some deep orange reflections.

Aroma: Smells like absinthe, but it seems like something ominous is lurking under the disguise of a deep, herby monster lurking beneath the surface of the glass.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Reeeeeeeeally bold anise, and a distinct soapy flavor. I can almost describe it as being very prickly and sharp, with the parts of the damsel in distress and the hero being played by wormwood and fennel...sadly the anise-monster steals the show.

Finish: More heat, prickles, and soapiness. My tongue feels pretty spent at this point in time.

Overall: Much like a good deal of B-horror, I guess I'm just not sure WHY an absinthe would be produced like this.
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